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Unicorn Portraits

Exclusive Fine Art Unicorn Portraits

$600 Unicorn Sessions Include:

Portrait Session

Multiple poses

In studio artwork design session

14" Fine Art Print with full artistry

Additional artwork is sold separately.
Please note: This is a fine art portrait session with a live animal. Unfortunately, there are no unicorn/pony rides available. Unicorn's are majestic creatures who are not ridden. Our unicorn does love carrots and apples and being petted.

"Not even a king would think of riding a unicorn except in some great need".- C.S. Lewis

Who is Annabelle the Mustang Unicorn?

Annabelle is a mustang from the Warm Springs Herd Management Area of the Bureau of Land Management. She was rounded up in October of 2018 because of severe drought in her herd's area. Annabelle went through the Teens and Oregon Mustang Challenge as a yearling. She was gentled by a teenager! Annabelle is an old soul with a kind and calm demeanor. Her favorite activities are eating and running through the forest.

Due to safety and liability reasons we do not offer pony rides at any time during the session. We kindly ask you to communicate this to any little princess/prince who will be meeting Annabelle the Unicorn.